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Turning Point

Turning Point

Series: Jonah

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Turning Point

Jonah 2:1-10

Main Point: God is after you, teaching you to keep turning to Jesus who saves.

I. God teaches you to turn to Him (v.1-4).

A. God cares about the direction of your life.

B. Jonah cared that God’s hand was personally against him.

C. Remember that you still need the Gospel.

II. God reminds us of the value of hoping in Him (v.5-7).

A. Only God provides true freedom.

B. God will let you experience life without Him.

C. God always hears you.

III. Jesus means “God saves” (v.8-10) .

A. Jesus is my one pursuit.

B. Jesus is who I worship.

C. Jesus leads me.