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The God Who Saves

The God Who Saves

Series: Psalms

Category: Prayer

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Cry out to God for help. (v.1; cf. 2nd Sam. 15-17)

  1. David’s sin affected those around him. (cf. 2 Sam. 12:11)
  2. There is no wrong way to ask God for help—just ask!

Tell God about my situation and problem. (v.1-2)

  1. God cares about the messes of my own making.
  2. The enemy wants me to think God doesn’t care, so I won’t pray.

Declare my faith in God’s ability to save. (v.3-6)

  1. David described how God acts as deliverer.
  2. David was removed from his throne, but God is always on His.
  3. God gives me rest as I cast my cares on him daily.

Ask God to intervene and save. (v.7)

Prepare a thankful heart toward the God who saves.

  1. Give God the credit.
  2. The grace-given become grace-givers.