Mountain View Baptist Church


Tested And Trained To Trust

Series: 1 Peter

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Main Point: God tests and trains us so we will trust him more.

 I.    Christian’s faith will be tested. (v.12)

  1. Pain and suffering are normal in a fallen world.
  2. Bearing the name of Christ will result in more suffering.

 II.  Christians are rejoicing in the midst of suffering. (v.13-14)

  1. We grow closer to Jesus.
  2. We will share in Jesus’ glory.
  3. We have the Spirit of God resting on us.


III. Persecution is an opportunity for self-examination. (v.15-18)

  1. Your suffering could be your own fault.
  2. Jesus is not ashamed of us—don’t be ashamed of Him.
  3. God uses every event to accomplish his purposes in our life.
  4. Am I concerned for the lost like God is?

 IV.  Keep on entrusting yourself to God. (v.19)

  1. You and your future are kept safe by God (cf 1:3-5).
  2. Your faith is seen in how you live.