Mountain View Baptist Church


No More Delay

No More Delay

Series: Revelation

Category: Theology

Speaker: Bill Knepper


I. God wants the world to know what is coming. (1-4)
A. The Words of Christ contradict the hopes of unbelievers.
B. The truth about the end is revealed.
C. But some things are kept hidden.
II. The time of the end has come. (5-7)
A. There will be no more delay.
B. The kingdom will be established.
1. The physical kingdom has been postponed.
2. The spiritual kingdom is growing today.
III. The nations must be told what to expect. (8-11)
A. The scroll is open and small.
B. The scroll is sweet and bitter.
C. The scroll is truth and warning.

Tags: eschatology, glory, jesus, john, revelation, visions