Mountain View Baptist Church


Christmas Wisdom

Christmas Wisdom

Series: Holiday Sermons

Category: Worship

Speaker: Joshua Holland


I. Seek Jesus as the King of my life. (v.1-2)

   A. Honor Jesus as king.

   B. God is sovereign in all my circumstances.

   C. Identify parts of my life where I reject Jesus as king.

II. Jesus challenges idols of status quo and control. (v.3-8)

    A. Jerusalem’s leaders loved what they had too much.

   B. Bible knowledge doesn’t save.

   C. They loved their place in this world and missed loving Jesus.

III. Enjoy worshiping Jesus. (v.9-12)

   A. Walking in faith results in peace and joy.

   B. The magi worshiped the King meaningfully.

      1.) We proclaim Jesus as King – gold.

      2.) We worship Jesus as God – frankincense.

      3.) We are sobered and thankful for Jesus’ death – myrrh.

   C. Love Jesus with all you are, all you have and all you do.