Mountain View Baptist Church


A Wonderful Promise

Series: Knowing God

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Bill Knepper


  1. Those that are taught have strength from the truth.
  2. The crowds came to Jesus.
  3. Jesus taught them.
  4. Those that are in Christ are not victims of circumstances.
  5. The poor in spirit are the afflicted.
  6. Those who mourn are those who know loss.
  7. The gentle are the powerless.
  8. Those who crave righteousness seek order.
  9. The merciful are the kind and caring.
  10. The pure in heart are those without deception.
  11. The peacemakers are those loving peace.
  12. The persecuted are those suffering for their faith.

III.       Those that are in Christ have an eternal reward.

  1. Persecution because of Jesus yields blessing.
  2. Rejoicing replaces sorrow because of heaven.

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