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Greeting cards pop up around Christmas quoting Rev 11:10 which says they “shall send gifts to one another.” Of course, the card features images of beautiful packages and ribbons in the Christmas spirit. However, the verse in Revelation describes the celebration in the end time when the antichrist kills the messengers of God and wicked people celebrate by sending gifts to one another.

Context makes a difference and is one of the reasons we are committed to studying the Bible in context. Our intent is to help you understand the whole Bible and how the authors present the truth of the Scriptures.

We might have seasons where we are looking at maps on the screen, times where we are visiting other verses to see what a word means or taking the time to review a long, complex passage in the book we are studying. But our goal is to help you see the big picture of what God says in His Word and not fall into the trap of lifting verses out of their context.

Perhaps you have seen a refrigerator magnet or greeting card that quotes Gen 31:49 “May the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.” It seems nice but in context the words are from Laban, the uncle of Jacob, threatening harm to Jacob if he ever returned to Laban’s territory. In modern terms it is something like “Cross this line and I’ll shoot you.” Not the sentiment we first felt when we read it out of context.

We believe teaching of the Bible in its context is what you want as well, so together we will seek to deepen our understanding of what God has revealed to us. And along the way, we will see the instruction from Rom 12:2 come true, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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