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Are You Scared Of Disasters?

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Ok, call me a sicko, but I’m fascinated by natural disasters.  I never want to experience one, and I would never wish it on anyone else.  But if I see a hurricane, earthquake, erupting volcano, tornado, or any other natural disaster on TV, I am hesitant to change the channel.  What is it that attracts sickos like me to natural disasters? 

I don’t know for sure, but when you think about it, natural disasters are truly fascinating.  They are elusive, often spontaneous and merciless, and they can destroy entire cities in seconds.  They are absolutely fascinating.

 Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever had people or situations in your life that were like a natural disaster?  You know, that person you encountered, and then with little or no warning they slammed into your life causing catastrophic damage.   Maybe it was your boss, or a co-worker.  Maybe it was a friend, neighbor or even a stranger that seemed to come out of nowhere and turn your life into rubble.

 Perhaps, you have had something bad happen that left you broken and desperate.  It could have been a car accident, the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, personal injury or a financial situation that got out of hand.  There was nothing you could do about it.  It could even be something where a stage 1 natural disaster escalates to a stage 5, like a troubled marriage, your children’s behavior, an addiction or something from your past that came back to haunt you.  

 Experts tell you in order to protect yourself from a natural disaster you need to get to the safest room in your home, get face down and cover your head.  Do you know what you should do to protect yourself from people and situations that come into your life like a natural disaster?  


You do the same thing…you get to your safest place, like your home or church, you get down on your knees, cover your head and PRAY!   

 This is something King David understood.  He prayed all the time.  In 2 Samuel 22 we see David responding to several disasters in his life.  At the end of the day, David praises God through the storms of life.  David’s God was bigger than any storm or natural disaster that came his way. 

 I firmly believe the Lord allows us to go through storms and disasters in our life to draw us closer to Him and develop the integrity and character He wants us to have.  The most important thing to remember is to remain connected to God.  Trust Him in the storm and He will get you through it. 

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What Are You Looking For?

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The other day I was looking for something. The first store I tried didn't have it but suggested another store. The second didn't have it either and recommended a third. The third gave me directions to the fourth and so on—I finally gave up and drove home empty handed.

Two things came to mind as I mumbled down the road. First, I was thinking I should take a remedial course in the use of a telephone. A few minutes spent there would have saved a lot of work. But second, I considered the parallel with so many people today.

Many in the world are looking for something they cannot seem to find. People search from the bottom of a bottle to the top of the company ladder, from the world of books to the tight circle of friends, from the offbeat religion to the well-respected lodge.

Everybody is looking for a niche, a place where they fit and where life is happy. But most find only the frustration of looking but not seeing, searching but not having.

The world offers a smorgasbord of alternatives, but what they are looking for is Jesus Christ. And that is where we come in. You and I have the supreme delight of saying, "Yes, I have it! I have just what you are seeking."

If we wear our faith day by day, searching people will have a place to look. It is called advertising in the business world and Christlikeness in the family of God. Your life can reflect that peace that comes from having found what you were looking for.

And by the way, that is not a bad way to begin a discussion with someone. Ask them, "What are you looking for in life?" When they are done you can tell them about yours.

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