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White Robes

White Robes

Series: Revelation

Category: Theology

Speaker: Bill Knepper


I. God commissions a team of global evangelists.   (1-8)

  1. John’s vision has a pause button.
  2. From every tribe of Israel, 144,000 are marked.
  3. The seal is God’s proof of ownership and protection.

II. Worship breaks out in heaven by the redeemed. (9-12)

  1. The multitude is from all over the world.
  2. They declare the majesty of God.
  3. Angels, elders, living creatures all join in song.

III.       God is at work despite the trials on earth.

  1. The multitude came out of the tribulation.
  2. The multitude are protected by God.
  3. The Lamb of God will wipe away their tears.

Tags: glory, jesus, john, revelation, visions