Mountain View Baptist Church


What God Wants

Series: 1 Corinthians

Category: The Church

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Communion is about unity in the body of Christ. (11:17-22)

  1. The church in Corinth was self-focused and quarrelsome.
  2. The church is to be a safe place for disagreement and correction.
  3. Communion expresses love for God and others.

Communion is about Jesus’ life in you. (11:22-26)

  1. Recollection: I am thankful for what Jesus did for me.
  2. Proclamation: I am dead to sin and now I live by faith in Jesus.
  3. Anticipation: I keep focusing on Jesus until he brings me home.

Communion is about humility before God and others. (11:27-34)

  1. Christians must do honest self-examination.
  2. A loving father doesn’t disown, but disciplines his kids.
  3. Hunger for more of Jesus and less of you in you.