Mountain View Baptist Church


Wet Feet

Wet Feet

Series: Joshua

Category: Faith

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Living faith leads to action. (v.1-6)

  1. Faith goes forward to where God is working. (1-3)
  2. Faith watches and waits to see where God is leading (v.4)
  3. Faith is being prepared to receive God’s message. (v5)

Faith grows as you obey God’s message (v.6-13)

  1. To believe God’s promises is to reject fear. (v.6)
  2. God gives you his presence.
  3. God reveals all you need to know for your faith journey.

God opens the way as you “get your feet wet.” (v.14-17)

  1. Acting on what you believe is the proof of your faith.
  2. God uses obstacles to teach you that He is able.
  3. There is no going back in the walk of faith.