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Unlocking Hard Hearts

Unlocking Hard Hearts

Series: 1 Peter

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Joshua Holland


We are all called to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. (v.1a, 7a)

  1. Jesus submitted Himself to the Father.
  2. Father and Son have different roles but equal honor.
  3. Jesus did not give in, but gave Himself up on our behalf.

Submission in relationship to one another is God’s design. (v.1-6)

  1. God commands it for those in His family. (cf. Eph. 5:21)
  2. God uses it to soften and win hearts for Christ.
  3. There is beauty in humility.

A husband is called to submit his life to his wife. (v.7)

  1. Spend time with your wife.
  2. Get to know her.
  3. Show that you value her
  4. Pray for your wife and with her.