Mountain View Baptist Church


Trust God

Trust God

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Trust God

Psalm 62

Main Point:  Let go of false hopes and put all your trust in the Lord.

I. Trust God when betrayed. (1-4)

A. God is worthy of your trust.

  1. God is safer.
  2. God is greater.
  3. God is wiser.

B. Turn to the Lord when people turn against you.

  1. The opposition is relentless.
  2. The opposition looks for weakness.
  3. The opposition’s goal is destruction.
  4. The opposition’s methods are deceitful.

II. Trust God when in doubt. (5-8)

A. God can always be trusted.

B. God is our refuge.

C. God knows our need.

III.       Trust God when tempted.   (9-12)

A. Don’t put your trust in people.

B. Don’t put your trust in money.

C. Trust in the power and love of God.


 Discussion Questions for Study Groups

(Read Psa 62:1-4) How many times does he use the word “alone” in verses 1-2? How is he setting up his message in light of the rest of the Psalm? Why does he compare God to a rock and a stronghold? Probe verses 3-4 for the things that are happening to him. What is he saying about the motivation of those who are against him? Is everyone who disagrees with us like this? What makes these different?

(Read Psa 62:5-8) In verse 1, the author describes himself as resting in God. Now in verse 5 he is telling himself to rest in God. What has shaken his world? How is he responding to those midnight attacks of doubt? What lessons can you learn from his words that will help you when you are in doubt about God’s help?

(Read Psa 62:9-12) When faced with a crises, why do we usually turn first to another person? What does the author say about his trust in any other person? Does this include counselors, pastors, spouses, friends? What is the difference between help and deliverance? Are any in this list called “Savior?” He comes to a conclusion that God is both able because of His power and willing because of His loyal love. How can you take these two truths and make them into a prayer when you face a crises?