Mountain View Baptist Church


Tough Love

Tough Love

Series: Revelation

Category: Theology: Jesus

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Main Point:  Jesus always speaks the truth, motivated by love.

I. Jesus is the Creator and the last word. (14)

A. Jesus is the _______________ of creation. (Col 1:16)

B. Jesus is _______________ and ___________.

C. Jesus is the ___________, the “___________,” the final word.

II. Jesus calls for a searching of the heart. (15-17)

A. The church is not ________________ and not ____________.

B. The church is unaware of their _______________ state.

  1. Wretched—
  2. Pitiful—
  3. Poor—
  4. Blind—
  5. Naked—

III. Jesus offers the cure to mediocrity.   (18-19)

A. The cure is _____________!

B. The discipline is in _______________.

Jesus’ love is the motivation to obey. (20-22)

A. Jesus _____________ seeking a reply to fellowship.

Those in fellowship will ___________ with Him.