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To Serve

To Serve

Series: Christian Character

Category: Faith

Speaker: Bill Knepper


To Serve

November 5, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                     Matthew 20:20-28

Main Point:  Love for one another seeks to serve rather than suppress.

  1. People seek significance. (20-23)
  2. James and John ask for a place of power.
  3. Many people want to be in charge.
  4. Many fail to grasp the cost.
  5. People resent significance. (24)
  6. The ten disciples react in jealousy.
  7. People can envy the influence of others.

III.       Servanthood is exalted by the Lord Jesus.   (25-28)

  1. Jesus teaches the model of humility.
  2. Jesus demonstrates the model of humility.

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