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Timothy -- Walking By Faith

Timothy -- Walking By Faith

Series: Character Lessons From the Bible

Category: Bibilical Persons

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Life in Christ is filled with challenges and lessons.

  1. Timothy saw a lot, learned a lot and did a lot.
  2. He joined a daring missionary team. Acts 16:1
  3. He witnessed violent persecution. Acts 16:16-24
  4. He witnessed a riot in Corinth. Acts 18:5
  5. He was sent to correct problems in Corinth. 1 Cor 4:17
  6. He protected the church at Ephesus. 1 Tim 1:3; 4:12
  7. He had personal health problems all along. 1 Tim 5:23
  8. In all of our Christian life, we must keep on trusting God.

We remember to trust the Lord in all things. 2 Tim 1:3-7

  1. Remember the choice you made to trust Christ. v 3-6
  2. Recognize the source of fear. v 7
  3. Trust in the God who sees you and watches over you. v 7


Timeline of the Growth of the Church

From the birthday of the church to the burning of Jerusalem

70           Jerusalem is destroyed by Roman armies

69           The Year of Four Emperors. Rome is in chaos.

68           Paul is martyred. Nero commits suicide.

67           Paul is seized in Troas and imprisoned. Writes 2 Tim, his last letter.

66           Paul in Spain. (Rom 15:23-28)

65           Paul in Spain.  (We have no Biblical evidence but this was his goal.)

64           Rome burns. Nero blames the Christians. Severe persecution begins.

63           Timothy in Ephesus. Paul writes 1 Tim. Described as young in 4:12.

62           Paul is freed from prison in Rome.

61           Once in Rome, the Book of Acts ends. Prison Epistles are written.

60           Paul taken to Rome for two more years of prison.

59           Paul held second year as Felix hopes for a bribe. Acts 24:26

58           Paul held as a prisoner by Rome in Caesarea.

57           End of 3rd Missionary Journey. Paul seized in Jerusalem.

56           Timothy sent to Corinth (1 Cor 4:17) to correct problems.

55           Mission team plants a church in Ephesus.

54           Paul sends Timothy to Macedonia to help the churches.

53           3rd Missionary Journey begins.

52           Timothy rejoins the team in Corinth. 2nd Miss Jour ends in Antioch.

51           Church is planted in Corinth. Riots follow.

50           2nd Miss. Jour. begins. Timothy joins the team. Beatings in Philippi.

49           1st Missionary Journey ends.

48           1st missionary team sent from the church at Antioch. Acts 13:1-3


44           James martyred, Peter imprisoned and then freed by an angel.


40           Cornelius is the first Gentile brought into the church. Acts 10


35           Gospel goes to the Samaritans (Acts 8). Paul is converted.


33           The church begins on the Day of Pentecost, May 24 AD 33.