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The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses

Series: Revelation

Category: Theology

Speaker: Bill Knepper


  1. Preparation is made for the arrival of the King. (1-2)
  2. John measures the sanctuary, the altar and the people.
  3. The outer court is dominated by the nations.
  4. The 42 months are the first half of the tribulation.
  5. The two witnesses will prophesy despite persecution. (3-6)
  6. They have the power to stop the rain.
  7. They have the power to turn water to blood.
  8. They are Elijah and Moses.

III.       The enemy of God kills the two witnesses.   (7)

  1. They have been an obstacle to deceiving the people.
  2. They have been protected by God.
  3. Their death ushers in the second 3 ½ years.

Tags: glory, jesus, john, revelation, visions