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The Mouth Gate

The Mouth Gate

Series: James

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Joshua Holland


I. A perfect God made you to represent Him.

A. Greater knowledge results in greater accountability.   (2 Cor. 5:10; Matt. 12:36)

B. The perfect God does powerful things with His words.

C. Sinful humans do powerful damage with words.

II. Sin has destroyed our ability to speak for God (v.6-8)

A. The mouth reveals the state of the heart.  (Jer. 17:9; Matt. 15:18-20)

B. God wants us to understand the shame connected to our words.

C. All sin reminds me of my need for a Savior.

 III. Jesus can help me control my speech (v.9-12).

A. “Lord, help me to desire good for others.”

B. “Jesus, help me hear my own words.”

C. “Help me read your Word daily, and thank you for giving me Your Spirit to remind me of what it says.”  (Ps. 19:14)


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