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The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter

Series: Joshua

Category: Love

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Main Point:  Christ-like love is the key to conflict within God’s family.   

I. A victorious homecoming is just the beginning. (22:1-11)

A. Pleasing God begins not with works or words, but faith

B. My greatest reward is friendship with God,

C. Continued victory depends on remaining in Christ.

II. Living as God’s family requires Christ-like love. (v.12-29)

A. Don’t compromise holiness, but don’t rush to judgement.

B. Don’t confront sin and walk away, but follow-up.

C. Worshiping and serving Jesus is what unites us.

III. Reconciliation is our ministry. (v.30-34) 

A. A gentle answer turned away their wrath. (cf. Prov. 15:11)

B. The best reminder of my identity is in the body of Christ.

Tags: love, reconciliation, conflict, humilty