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The Gospel of The Ages

The Gospel of The Ages

Series: Revelation

Category: Theology

Speaker: Bill Knepper


The first angel declares the eternal gospel to everyone. (6-7)

The gospel is the good news.

The gospel message has changed through the ages.

Gen 3:15, 21—in the Garden of Eden

Gen 8:1—with the ark of Noah

Gen 12:3—the promise to Abraham

Gen 22—the sacrifice of Isaac

The Prophets

The Gospels

The message we preach today: John 3:16

The response to the gospel has always been to believe.

The second angel reveals the doom of godlessness. (8)

The world system has collapsed.

The end of increasing indulgence is destruction.

III.       The third angel declares that each must make a choice.   (9-11)

Those that choose the world system will suffer.

Those choosing the world’s way will find wrath.

Those rejecting God’s way will be lost forever.

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