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The Dragon Is Evicted

The Dragon Is Evicted

Series: Revelation

Category: Theology

Speaker: Bill Knepper


God’s mercy and judgment are perfect. (11:19)

  1. God’s mercy is in the Savior.
  2. God’s judgment is in the removal of sin.

God’s mercy provides a Savior. (12:1-6)

  1. The woman represents Israel and all the elect. (1)
  2. The child represents the God/man Jesus Christ. (2, 4)
  3. Jesus was raised and appointed to rule.
    Psalm 2:9 (5)
  4. The remnant are protected during the Great tribulation. (6)
    Zech 14:3-5

In judgment God ends the enemy of righteousness.  (12:3-10)

  1. The dragon rules through powerful humans. (3)
  2. The dragon has led a rebellion in heaven. (4)
    Isa 14:12-15; Ezek 28:13-17; Job 38:7 “morning stars”
  3. The dragon is thrown out of heaven, finally! (7-9)
  4. Michael is a chief prince or primary angel.
    Dan 10:12, 13; Jude 9
  5. The defeat of the dragon is a war of millennia.
    Luke 10:18; Rev 20:2, 10
  6. Heaven rejoices as the cleanup begins. (10)

Tags: eschatology, glory, jesus, john, revelation, visions