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The Bema of Christ

The Bema of Christ

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Bill Knepper


I. Salvation is a free gift from God by faith.

A. The one who believes in Jesus Christ is not condemned.
     John 3:18; 5:24; 6:37; Rom 8:1; 1 Cor 11:32

B. The one who does not believe is judged. Rev 20:11-15

Ii. The Lord has promised a reward for faithful service.

A. Be faithful in giving. Matt 6:1-4

B. Be faithful in prayer. Matt 6:5-8

C. Be diligent to receive the full reward. 2 John 8
    See also Matt 25:45-46; 26:14-30

III. The Judgment Seat of Christ is the place of reward.

A. The Lord sees the attitude of the heart. Eph 6:8

B. Every believer appears before the Bema. 2 Cor 5:10

C. The works that survive will receive a reward. 1 Cor 3:14

Conclusion:   Jesus will reward faithful service of His own in a way that is just, worthwhile and appropriate.

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