Mountain View Baptist Church


Taught in Grace

Taught in  Grace

Series: Jonah

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Taught in Grace

Jonah 4:1-11

Main Point: God gently teaches us that His grace is limitless.

I. Draw near to God in difficult times (v.1-4).

A. Jonah is unflinchingly honest.

B. Don’t hesitate to bring your frustrations to God.

C. Jonah is unflinchingly stubborn.

II. God is patient with his rebellious children (v.4-8).

A. God won’t let you rest with your earthly perspective.

B. Almighty God is a gentle teacher.

III. You are the object of God’s love and compassion (v.9-11).

A. God loves all people equally.

B. God’s heart is turned toward the lost and helpless.

C. We rejoice in the richness of God’s grace.