Mountain View Baptist Church


Taking In and Living Out

Taking In and Living Out

Series: James

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Joshua Holland


  1. Welcome the Truth. (v.19-21)
  2. Understanding God’s Word results in life change.
  3. My anger fails to produce God’s work in me or others.
  4. Surrender to the new life Christ is growing up in you.
  5. Respond to the Truth. (v.22-25)
  6. My actions reveal my true values.
  7. Reflect on God’s Word to understand what actions to take.

III. Hold fast to the truth. (v.26-27)

  1. Right conduct and character are more valuable than churchiness.
  2. Trials tempt me to be concerned only for myself.
  3. Trials tempt me to find reliance or release in anything but Christ.