Mountain View Baptist Church


Revealing For Return

Category: Thankfulness

Speaker: Joshua Holland


I. God wants all people to know He exists. (v.1-6)

   A. Nature’s design is a message revealing God as Creator.

   B. The message goes out continually.

   C. It is for all to understand.

   D. It is single message about one big God.

II.  God reveals a live-giving relationship with Him. (v.7-11)

   A. The Bible reveals me as sinner and God as Savior.

   B. The Bible teaches me what I need for faith and practice.

   C. Nothing can give me what God’s Word gives me. (cf. Ps. 1:2-3)

III. Special revelation requires a special response. (v.12-14)

  A. Ask God to save you from sin’s consequence and hold.

  B. Receive Jesus as the one who completes you.

  C. Respond by worshiping your Creator and Redeemer.