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Refined In The Crucible

Refined In The Crucible

Series: James

Category: Trusting in God

Speaker: Joshua Holland


I. James was written to persecuted believers (v.1).
A. Grace transforms.
B. James’ message applies to all believers.
II. Trials are the maturing process for God’s kids (2-4).
A. If trials are for my good, then joy is the right response.
B. Real faith is revealed in times of tempting and persecution.
C. Endurance is the result of faith under fire.
III. Don’t hesitate to ask God for help in understanding (5-11).
A. God wants to help you see suffering as a gift.
B. The quality of your faith is determined by the object of your faith.
C. Faith is made unstable by an earthly perspective.
D. God freely gives the best to all his people.

Tags: faith, grace, james, jesus, persecution, suffering, trials