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Pray for the Rain Pt 2

Pray for the Rain Pt 2

Series: Prayer (1 Kings)

Category: Prayer

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Expect God to be present and active in your daily life. (v.1-15)

  1. God’s commands are undergirded with His promises.
  2. God’s power was present in each of Elijah’s needs.

It is time to ask our powerful God to act. (v.16-39)

  1. Ask God to remove the spiritual blindness of the nation.
  2. Ask God to expose the futility of false philosophies.
  3. Ask God to give us repentant hearts that are sick of sin.
  4. Ask God to reveal Himself as the one who forgives sin.

What I do reveals how I respond what God has done. (v.40-46)

  1. Ahab went down to feed himself, Elijah climbed up and prayed.
  2. Not all answers to prayer come at once: keep praying.
  3. Prepare for valleys of doubt that can follow faith victories (Ch. 19).