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Pray for the Rain Pt 1

Pray for the Rain Pt 1

Series: Prayer (1 Kings)

Category: Prayer

Speaker: Joshua Holland


I. God’s judgments are to call people back into Grace. (v.1)

  A. Israel’s kings led them away from their God.

B. Elijah prayed for drought, to make Israel thirsty for God.

(cf. Jas. 5:17-18; Deut. 28:23-24).

II. God provides for his people one step at a time. (v.2-7)

  A. Physical drought revealed Israel’s spiritual drought.

  B. Expect the miraculous from God, your provider.

  C. While God works through me, He is at work in me.

III. God’s provision makes perfect spiritual sense. (v.8-16)

  A. God brings seasons into life according my need and His purpose.

  B. Elijah learns to trust God through a community of faith.

  C. Elijah’s provision is now dependent upon a gentile’s faith.

IV. Become a passionate prayer warrior. (v.17-24)

  A. If we point out a sin, it is for grace, not condemnation.

  B. Elijah’s prayer is passionate and personal.

  C. The widow is saved because her son is raised from the dead.