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Perspective For Hope

Perspective For Hope

Series: James

Category: Hope

Speaker: Joshua Holland


  1. Life’s trials make sense to those who learn to wait on God (v.12).
  2. A future, eternal reward is for all who learn to believe in God.
  3. Loving Jesus is where salvation begins.
  4. Persevering through trials depends on right perspective (13-16).
  5. God allows trials, but never tempts you to do evil.
  6. God allows trials to teach us the truth about sin.
  7. What you believe about God must come from the Bible.

III. Seeing God’s good plan results in hopeful praise (17-18).

  1. God’s desire has always been for your good (cf 1:5).
  2. The early church was the first of many to be born-again.

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