Mountain View Baptist Church


Mother's Day Gospel


Category: Faith

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Main Point: You discover new identity and value when you trust in Jesus.

I. My story began with Jesus.

A. Jesus died my death.

B. By taking Jesus as my Savior, his death becomes mine.

       1.) The work is finished—the price paid in full.

       2.) Sin’s power over me is dead.

       3.) I do not have to fear physical death.

I. Jesus is with me every step of every day.

A. Without God, I spin in circles, out of control.

B. Jesus lives in me so He can take the lead.

III. When I follow Jesus, I learn to trust Him more.

A. God has a purpose for every step in my life—I can trust Him.

B. I was not made to “find a purpose,” but to know Jesus.

IV. My true identity is found in relationship with God.

A. God knew me before I was born.

B. God loved me before I could try to earn it.

C. We are free to call ourselves sons and daughters of God.