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Loyal Love

Loyal Love

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Psalm 77 - Loyal Love

Main Point:  Hope means we remember God’s loyal love and wait for it now.

I. Some days are not as good as others. (1-6)

A. We cry out to God.

B. We ponder on our pillow.

II. We can question God’s goodness. (7-9)

A. We use words like reject and never.

B. We wonder if we are forgotten.

III.       We must remember His loyal love.   (10-20)

A. We remember His deeds with hope.

B. We list times of His faithful love.

 Hope:  The conviction that God will keep His Word and provide.


 Discussion Questions for Study Groups

(Read Ps 77:1-6) How intense are the emotions described? What is the issue he is dealing with? Is he ignoring God? What is God saying to him? Would you say the silence is bothering him? Why? Has this happened to you?

(Read Ps 77:7-9) Find the words that indicate how deep is the author’s pessimism and despair. What words reflect how extreme his emotions are? Why is he using such words? What does his choice of words tell you about how hard this burden is?

(Read Ps 77:10-20) His response to this is to remember but what is he remembering? How is he remembering? What is he doing to ensure that he tells the story accurately? How did he pick the story of crossing the Red Sea? Was he there? (No, it was 500 years earlier.) So why did he use this story? How would you pick a story from your past when you need hope? Define hope as it is used in the Bible.