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Looks Like Mercy

Looks Like Mercy

Series: James

Category: Faith

Speaker: Joshua Holland


All alike are precious to God. (v.5)

  1. Adopt God’s perspective.
  2. Don’t oppose God’s plan (for the lost).
  3. We must love God and love others with a Jesus-shaped love

All sin is serious to God. (v.6-11)

  1. Power, prosperity and position are not signs of God’s blessing.
  2. Caring for others, even when it hurts, is our divine calling.
  3. God takes what you think, say and do about people seriously.

Mercy triumphs over judgment.  (v.12-13)

  1. We have been set free from sin to love
  2. We have the Bible that teaches us how now to live.
  3. Christian faith looks like mercy.

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