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Living for God is Worth It

Living for God is Worth It

Category: Faith

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Living for God is Worth It

May 21, 2017                                                                      Psalm 73

Main Point:  Live now in light of eternity.

I. Evil triumphs too often. (1-12)

A. Asaph reveals his struggle.

B. Wicked people seem to do very well.

II. The triumph of evil leads to despair. (13-15)

A. We question trying to live righteously.

B. We suffer in silence.

III.       Live this life in light of the long term.   (16-28)

A. Look again at the promise of God.

B. Consider the destination of the wicked.

C. Treasure the hope of eternity with God.

Discussion Questions

(Read Ps 73:1-12) Asaph begins this story with his statement of verse 1. Why do you think he wants to reassure the reader before hearing the story? What are the reasons he gives for questioning his faith? Do the wicked really have “an easy time” and “not afflicted?” Explain what he means by this. What is he saying about “fatness” in verse 7 in light of his culture?

(Read Ps 73:13-15) What is Asaph asking himself because of this? Does his lifestyle of honesty, forgiveness and careful living result in being penalized in any way? How? Why would this be hard for him to discuss with someone else as he says in verse 15? What was Asaph’s job? Was he an important person in the temple and the kingdom? If people learned he was having these thoughts what would that do to their peace of mind?

(Read Ps 73:16-28) What was the turning point for Asaph? Why did entering the sanctuary help him? Use the rest of the verses to discuss the future of the wicked once their life is over. Look back at the Main Point from the sermon on this Psalm. Put this concept into your own words.