Mountain View Baptist Church


Living Faith

Living Faith

Series: James

Category: Faith

Speaker: Joshua Holland



Main Point:  A living faith walks and rests in Christ in all situations.

I. God’s power for all your life is accessed with faith (v.14-17).

A. The Bible describes faith in God.

  1. Faith is to go to God for rescue.
  2. Faith is to lean on God for understanding.
  3. Faith is firm confidence that God will provide.
  4. Faith is supposed to grow.
  5. Faith does not depend on evidence.
  6. Faith results in obedient living.
  7. Faith is how you please God.

B. God’s grace in your life overflows into your actions and attitude.

C. Living faith is a relationship with Jesus, not belief in facts.

II. Use your current situation and put faith to work. (v.20-26)

A. Abraham’s confidence in God was put on display for you.

B. Rahab was saved because she did what was right.

C. Living faith grows as you trust Jesus step-by-step.