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Lessons from the Land

Lessons from the Land

Series: Joshua

Category: Old Testament, Thankfulness

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Lessons from the Land                                                                                    Joshua 15-19

Main Point:  Thankfulness results in a faith driven perspective.

I. Bless the God who blesses by looking forward in faith. (Ch. 15)

A. Inheritance is not earned or deserved.

B. stewards empower the next generation.

C. Power is rooted in faith in God, feebleness in unbelief.

II. Resist compromise. (Ch. 16-17)

A. Worldly convenience is tempting.

B. Complaining is a sure sign of no faith.

III. Receive what God provides. (Ch. 18-19)

A. Recognize how wonderful God is to you.

B. Entitlement prevents thankfulness and generosity.

C. The great King became a suffering servant for you.

Tags: stewardship, faith, thankfulness, compromise, blessing