Mountain View Baptist Church


James--The Brother of Jesus

Series: Character Lessons From the Bible

Category: Bibilical Persons

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Family teaches us a lot about life.

  1. Joseph and Mary had a large family.
    Matt 13:54-58
  2. Most of the family did not understand Jesus.
    Mark 3:20-21; 31-32
  3. James grew up with a perfect older brother.
    Luke 2:41-50

Family teaches us a lot about faith.

  1. Jesus reached outside his family to care for Mary.
    John 19:25-27
  2. But the truth eventually won their hearts.
    Acts 1:9-14

Family teaches us a lot about trusting God.

  1. Within a few years James is a leader of the church.
    Acts 12:17; 15:6-19
  2. God took a skeptic and made him an author.
    James 1:1