Mountain View Baptist Church


It Is Done!

Series: Revelation

Speaker: Bill Knepper


It Is Done! - Revelation 16:1-21

Main Point:  The end of the tribulation is the end of patience for a Just God.

I. The Lord judges the people who have rebelled. (1-7)

A. They are judged with sores.

B. They are judged with blood and the loss of food.

C. They are judged with the loss of water.

II. The Lord judges the government of the beast. (8-16)

A. The kingdom cannot help so the people curse God.

B. The kingdom is judged with darkness.

C. The kingdom is judged with war.

III.      The voice from the throne declares “It is done!”   (17-21)

A. The earth is shaken.

B. The cities fall, islands sink, hail falls.

C. The people curse God.