Mountain View Baptist Church


Heaven Celebrates

Heaven Celebrates

Series: Revelation

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Heaven Celebrates

Revelation 19:1-10

Main Point:  All heaven sings with joy at God’s victory celebration.

I. A vast multitude in heaven begin to sing. (1-3)

A. Hallelujah is the same in _____________ language.

B. Victory over the _____________ of sin becomes victory over the _______________ of sin.

C. The judgment lasts _________________.

II. More voices join in heaven’s chorus. (4-5)

A. The elders sing ____________.

B. The ____________ calls for all servants to fear God.

III.       The singers celebrate the marriage of the Lamb.   (6-10)

A. The ________________ is ended and the reign has begun.

B. The __________________ of the Lamb has come.