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He Is Risen

He Is Risen

Category: Faith

Speaker: Bill Knepper


He Is Risen!

Main Point: The resurrection is an irrefutable fact.

1. Jesus was declared to be dead.

a) John 19:31-37 He was pierced.

b) Mark 15:42-45 The centurion testified.

c) John 19:39-42 He was wrapped with 75 lbs of spices.

2. A tomb was available and used.

a) Matt 27:59-60 The tomb belonged to Joseph.

b) John 19:41-42 The tomb was near to Golgotha.

3. The body of Jesus was laid in the tomb.

All gospels say Jesus was buried.

a) John 19:42

b) Luke 23:53

c) Mark 15:46

d) Matt 27:60

4. A stone was rolled over the entrance.

a) Matt 27:60 A large stone was rolled over the entrance.

b) The stone was designed to seal out predators.

5. The tomb was sealed by the authorities.

a) Matt 27:62-66 The next morning they sealed the tomb.

6. The tomb was guarded by soldiers.

a) This could be the Roman

b) This could be the Temple

7. The disciples were afraid.

They all ran away.

a) Mark 14:50

b) Matt 26:56

c) Peter denied Jesus 3 times

8. Jesus appeared many times after the resurrection.

a) No one could refute the empty

b) 1 Cor 15:6 The witnesses stayed true despite persecution.