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Hannah--Faith Through Fire

Hannah--Faith Through Fire

Series: Character Lessons From the Bible

Category: Faith

Speaker: Bill Knepper



Main Point:  Living by faith means trusting God in even the harshest of times.

I. Bring your needs before the Lord. 1:1-18

A. Hannah never lost faith even in despair.

B. God leads in ways past our understanding.

II. Trust the Lord to the very limits of your life. 1:19-2:10

A. Hannah’s obedience reveals her faith in God.

B. Sacrificial worship leads to heartfelt joy.

III. God is never wrong about what He is doing!         2:18-21

A. Hannah’s gift resulted in Israel’s greatest judge.

B. God knows your need and His plan so trust Him.

Tags: prayer, faith, marriage, trials, parenting, misunderstanding