Mountain View Baptist Church


Great White Throne

Series: Revelation

Category: Eschatology

Speaker: Bill Knepper


The courtroom and Judge are ready. (11)

  1. The throne reveals the importance of the event.
  2. Creation flees into non-existence.

The cases presented are examined in detail. (12-13)

  1. Every charge and every defense are recorded.
  2. Those appearing are judged by their works.
  3. Those appearing are the dead from all ages.
    John 5:24; 3:18; Matt 7:22-23

The verdict given is final and eternal.   (14-15)

  1. The second death is separation from God.
  2. The Book of Life are those in Christ.

Tags: eschatology, glory, jesus, jesús, john, judgement, revelation, visions