Mountain View Baptist Church


God's Gospel Mission


Series: Jonah

Category: Trusting in God

Speaker: Joshua Holland


God’s Gospel Mission - Jonah 1:1-10
MAIN POINT: You cannot stop a God who does the impossible.

I. People want proof, but God wants your faith. (v.1-2)

A. The story of Jonah is true.

B. Jonah is a picture of humble Jesus offered for you.

C. Representing Christ in a broken world is your mission.

II. You cannot escape the Holy Spirit. (v.3-6)

A. Disobedience distorts your perspective.

B. God punishes all sin.

C. God wants to displace complacency.

III. The mission field belongs to God. (7-10)

A. People may deny sin but seek a scapegoat.

B. God provides opportunities for the Gospel.

C. Cultivate motivation for the mission.