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From Jesus to You

From Jesus to You

Series: Revelation

Category: Theology

Speaker: Bill Knepper


  1. Jesus wants His church to know what will happen. (1:9-11)
  2. John is a companion in the trials and triumphs.
  3. John is called to write the prophecy.
  4. Jesus is leading His church from a position of power. (1:12-16)
  5. The seven golden lampstands are the churches.
  6. But among the lampstands is the Lord Jesus.
  7. long robe Ex 28:4; Eze 9:2    Priestly mercy
  8. golden sash Exod 28:40           Majestic beauty
  9. white hair/head Dan 7:9                 Eternal wisdom
  10. eyes of fire Heb 4:13               Divine judgment
  11. feet of bronze Pure strength
  12. voice of waters Ezek 43:2              Glorious majesty
  13. seven stars Rev 1:20                Lord of the Church
  14. sword Heb 4:12               Divine truth
  15. face as the sun Matt 17:2              Divine glory

III.       Jesus comforts His Own by controlling the future.   (1:17-20)

  1. Fear is replaced with faith.
  2. The church must know wat is about to happen.
  3. The message is for those in Christ.

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