Mountain View Baptist Church


First Things First

First Things First

Series: Joshua

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Joshua 5:1-15

Main Point: Take time to prepare your heart as you serve your King.

I. Tests often come between the victories. (v.1-9)

A. Remember that your heart is the Lord’s. (Rom. 2:29)

B. Obedience is faith on display.

C. Roll your works upon the Lord. (cf. Prov. 16:3)

II. Make time to get to know your Redeemer. (v.10-12)

A. Remember God’s powerful victory over your sin and death.

B. Be satisfied Jesus and crave the world less.

III. Victory is found in the presence of the holy God. (v.13-15)

A. You are not alone.

B. Your first job is humble worship.