Mountain View Baptist Church


Every Knee Bows

Every Knee Bows

Series: Revelation

Category: Trusting in God

Speaker: Bill Knepper


  1. The promise of God’s rule is being fulfilled. (8-10)
  2. God’s rule of justice was promised long ago. (Ps 2)
  3. But things are clearly out of place.
  4. The church—
  5. Israel—
  6. The devil—
  7. Jesus Christ—
  8. The promise is now coming into fulfillment.
  9. The angels rejoice in praise. (11-12)
  10. The angels number in the millions.
  11. The angels declare the glory of the Lamb.

III.       Heaven and earth declare the worthiness of the Lamb.   (13-14)

  1. Every creature everywhere agrees.
  2. The name of Jesus is exalted by all. (Phil 2:9-11)

Concl:  Compare today’s suffering with the coming glory.

Tags: glory, jesus, john, revelation, visions