Mountain View Baptist Church




Category: Trusting in God

Speaker: Bill Knepper



Psalm 6

Main Point:  No matter how desperate, don’t let go of God.

I. Troubles can come suddenly. (1-3)

A. David was struggling.

B. Things can change quickly.

II. Turn to the Lord right away. (4-7)

A. David depends on God’s faithful love.

B. The Lord loves His own faithfully.

III. Trust the Lord no matter what.   (8-10)

A. David believed the Lord heard.

B.Expect deliverance in the Lord’s timing.

Discussion Questions for Study Groups

(Read Psa 6:1-3) How does David show his humility in what has caused the current problem? Do you think he knows exactly what God is doing? How does he describe his strength, emotions and confidence?

(Read Psa 6:4-7) On what basis does David appeal to God? What aspect of God’s character is he relying on? How does he describe his physical reaction to the trial? Would you describe this as serious or simple?

(Read Psa 6:8-10) Has the Lord already answered David’s prayer in verse 9? How does he describe his present situation in verse 8? Is verse 10 past, present or future? What does this tell us