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Defined By Mercy

Defined By Mercy

Series: 1 Peter

Category: Justice and Mercy

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Main Point: Come to Jesus with a heart wanting mercy and showing mercy.

I. Develop a desire to be more like Jesus. (v.1-3)

A. Turn from being selfish to merciful.

B. We help ourselves to the Word that nourishes new life.

C. Hunger for God’s Word is a sign of Christ-life in you.

II. Depend daily on Jesus. (v.4-8)

A. Your value is connected to Jesus Christ.

B. Your work rests on Jesus Christ.

C. All who refuse Jesus will be judged by Him.

III. Decide to live a life marked by mercy. (v.5, 9-10)

A. You are no longer your own.

B. You display God’s mercy.