Mountain View Baptist Church


Day by Day

Day by Day

Series: Colossians

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Bill Knepper


Main Point:  Prayer and people are the daily concerns of the believer.

I. Keep prayer a priority. (2-4)

A. The challenge is to be _________________.

B. The context is to be ___________________.

C. The content is to be ___________________.

II. Keep relationships real. (5-6)

A. The method is to be _______________.

B. The message is to be ___________________.

III. Keep people prominent.   (7-18)

A. Material things will __________ ____________.

B. God’s passion is for ___________________.

Discussion Questions for Study Groups

(Read Col 4:2-4) How does the Bible emphasize prayer? What are some of the examples that come to mind? Paul doesn’t make the case for prayer here, he simply says to do it. What are some of the methods you use to keep your prayer life consistent, alert and precise.

(Read Col 4:5-6) What does the Apostle mean when he says “act wisely?” How would you describe the opposite of that? Now state what he is saying in your own words. From Paul’s perspective as a man watching the persecution of Christians grow, describe what he meant by “making the most of the time.” How does that apply today?

(Read Col 4:7-18) Read the book of Philemon. How did a world traveler who spoke to kings find the time to get involved with Onesimus? Who is Onesimus and what had he done? Count the number of people referenced in these verses. What does that say about God’s focus on the person?