Mountain View Baptist Church


Compromise in the Church

Compromise in the Church

Series: Revelation

Speaker: Bill Knepper



Main Point:  Politically correct is a muzzle for those who would speak the truth.

I. Jesus knows exactly what is going on. (18-19)

A. Jesus is the One who sees all.

B. Jesus is the One who is powerful.

C. Jesus commends those who serve Him.

II. The church has conformed to the world. (20-23)

A. The church has compromised with the culture.

B. The time to repent is past.

C. Now comes the judgment.

III.       The remnant in the church is to hold on.   (24-29)

A. There are some who have remained true.

B. These are to hold on until He returns.

C. The believers will rule with Jesus. (Jude 14)