Mountain View Baptist Church


Casting Off

Casting Off

Series: Jonah

Speaker: Joshua Holland


Casting Off

Jonah 1:11-17

Main Point: Worship the Savior who paid the price for your sin.

I cannot cast off my own sin (v.11-12).

A. Salvation from sin and death is the greatest human need.

B. Your sin has destructive effects on others.

C. Storms in life are used by God to get your attention.

II. I need Jesus to intervene (v.13-15).

A. Human effort cannot overpower sin.

B. The way of the cross: surrender and call out to the Lord.

C. Jesus himself is your place of refuge.

III. I am not the savior; I am made to worship the Savior. (v.16-17)

A. Revere God as the all-powerful one.

B. Worship Jesus who is ever-present through sun and storm.

C. Trust God who knows exactly how and when to provide for you.